MultiCloud Suite

Sparkle provides Cloud services across multiple public and private platforms thanks to a multitenant environment including an automated management console to target direct and indirect Customers.

Customers can choose from public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud services, based on the reselling of the main Public Cloud Providers technologies (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft) which extend Customers’ on-premises IT infrastructure to the public cloud. Leveraging on such offer of multiple different cloud platforms, Customers can benefit of business continuity and system scalability, can limit the lock-in vendor risk and optimize costs and can benefit of best technical features.

Within the MultiCloud Suite a wide choice of software solutions from a growing catalog of SaaS is available – like Google Workspace or the solutions provided by the sister company Noovle as well as automation tools that enable self-ordering, self-provisioning and consumption monitoring. 

The MultiCloud Suite is further enriched by Sparkle Cloud Connect service, allowing Customers to connect on-premises cloud facilities to the major public cloud providers, with L2 and L3 private connectivity.

R&E entities in the 27 countries adhering to the OCRE Cloud Framework can order from Sparkle only Google Cloud solutions, but they can nonetheless benefit of Sparkle Automation Platforms and Tools to manage cloud services other than Google.

Sparkle has also established a network of selected Providers of Professional Services, identified on a geographic basis, to provide Customers with on-premises and local language support in terms of consultancy, design and coordination of migration projects, development of cloud native applications, operations and management, training. As a result, Sparkle Customers can benefit of a single point of purchase to simplify the procurement process and the providers management.

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