Automation Platforms and Tools

A Suite of Governance Tools that enables self-ordering, self-provisioning and consumption monitoring.

Cloud Automation Platform

The Cloud Automation Platform is a user-friendly customer control panel accessible via web.
Customer can access the Cloud Automation Platform in Single Sign On modality in order to:

  • autonomously activate new services i.e. cloud tenants or software licenses, like an AWS account or a pool of Google Workspace licenses
  • manage the existing orders
  • manage the Identity and Access Management for some specific Service Plans
  • log in into the Public Cloud Providers consoles
  • log in into the Cost Monitoring & Advisory Console to track consumptions and costs

Cost Monitoring & Advisory Console

The Cost Monitoring & Advisory Console is a powerful application, based on Cloudcheckr SaaS, able to support even the most complex organizational structures - from large enterprises to government agencies - in monitoring cloud resources consumptions, with maximum flexibility and granularity while benefiting of cost optimization advisor, security and compliance functionalities.

The Cost Monitoring & Advisory Console is a next-generation cloud management platform providing a single pane of glass view on Customers cloud resources’ utilization and costs, that allows the creation and configuration of customized dashboards featuring a new experience for delivering total visibility into the Company cloud infrastructure and organization.

The Cost Monitoring & Advisory Console is a robust, extensible and scalable cloud governance solution which unifies and transform cloud data sources into immediate and actionable insights, by reporting, alerting, analyzing and automating the environment for optimal utilization and costs - while assuring a safe environment and mitigating cloud vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.