Automation Platforms and Tools

A Suite of Management Tools that enables self-ordering, self-provisioning and consumption monitoring.

CloudBlue Automation

With CloudBlue Automation, the next-generation digital and cloud services platform providing a user-friendly Customer Control Panel, Customers can access in a “Single Sign On” modality in order to:

  • manage their Identity and Access Management users and policies
  • self-order and self-provision the different services available in the market place section (i.e. private cloud or a PCP product or a SaaS and others)
  • monitor their orders, resources, consumptions and associated costs


CloudCheckr is a powerful tool through which Customers can access detailed billing and usage related information, of which they can customize the structure and granularity in correlation with their internal users’ groups and costs’ centers.

Further, CloudCheckr provides best practices checks and configuration assurance; this feature allow Customers to have full visibility of the state of cloud environments and to receive alerts about critical configuration activities.

Leveraging on such overall but detailed view, Customers can control and optimize their public cloud investments, eliminating waste and ensuring governance at scale.

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