Sparkle and Google Cloud: Transforming the Future of Research and Education

Google Cloud

Cloud computing offers compelling advantages to researchers, from accelerating the speed of processing massive datasets to improving collaboration through shared tools and data storage. Within the OCRE Cloud Framework and through Sparkle’s role as Cloud Integrator, Google Cloud will further support European R&E Institutions.

Google Cloud is a suite of cloud solutions for storage, compute, big data, machine learning and more.

Google Cloud Platform allows Customers to avoid the vendor lock-in with its commitment to open source, multicloud and hybrid cloud, allowing to use data and run applications on any cloud or in any environment. Google Cloud distributed cloud solutions provide consistency between public and private clouds, enabling businesses to modernize and developers to build faster.

Being part of a distributed team is the new ordinary and easy-to-adopt approach that empower individuals to create, communicate and collaborate from anywhere. To enable this path, along with Google Cloud Platform, the OCRE Cloud framework makes available the suites of Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education.

Google Workspace is the set of Google applications fully provided in cloud that support and improve Customers’ communication and collaboration thanks to a rich collection of work tools. These include Gmail for the e-mail services, Google Drive for sharing and archiving documents, collaboration tools for the creation of text sheets, calculation and presentations, Google Meet for video conferences in HD, chat and voice call functionalities.

Google Workspace for Education is aimed to provide school communities with tools that elevate teaching, learning, collaboration and productivity, all by the mean of a one, simple, helpful, flexible and secure platform. Google Workspace for Education is offered with three new and tailored editions, Google Workspace for Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Google Workspace for Education Plus.

Google AI platforms, Google API Cloud Healthcare and Google Cloud Life Sciences are some of the powerful tools to support the activities of researchers and students.

Download the report by Google and learn why researches are choosing Google Cloud to accelerate their research with an innovative, flexible and easy-to-use technology.

To learn more visit the Google Cloud Blog or download the Sparkle for R&E leaflet