Work with us

Work with us


Would you like to join Sparkle, one of TIM Group Subsidiaries?

We are looking for enthusiasm, teamwork and intellectual curiosity, but above all flexibility in quickly adapting to a multicultural and constantly evolving environment like ours!


Curricular and extra curricular internships

We believe that it is crucial to bring the academic world closer to the business world. Because of this, we welcome interns interested in exploring specific topics through an internship at our offices, an opportunity to gain direct knowledge of working activity and practices.

Internships are for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months and, if they are to be part of the intern's curriculum, an agreement must be made with the intern's university.

Joining Sparkle means starting a real journey together not only in Sparkle but within the entire TIM group!

We have laid out an onboarding path for new employees that values their needs and specific skills, along with their professional and personal stories.

Starting from the first phases of reception and orientation, the person is accompanied to know the specificity of their role and the organizational context, facilitating their inclusion in the work team and in the company context and creating the basis for the construction of a growth project individual, aware and shared professional.

After onboarding, the path continues with individual development and training plans.

The inclusion in projects that have value for our business and innovation, the use of learning methodologies that enhance learning by doing and cross fertilization, the support of certified coaches and mentors with many years of experience in the company, represent some of the choices to stimulate the construction of one's own growth path and allow us to give our best in facing our new challenges.

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