Google Cloud Government and Education Summit

Mark your calendars: registration is open for Google Cloud’s Government and Education Summit, on 3 and 4 November!

Government and education leaders have seen their vision become reality faster than they ever thought possible, uncovering new methods to provide public services, deliver education and achieve groundbreaking research. Google Cloud partnered with public sector leaders to deliver an agile and open architecture, smart analytics to make data more accessible, and productivity tools to support remote work and the hybrid workforce. 

Register today for the 2021 Google Cloud Government and Education Summit

The event opens doors to digital transformation with live Q&As, problem-solving workshops and leadership sessions, designed to bring forward the strongest talent, the most inclusive teams, and the boldest ideas. 

But it's not just a matter of technology, it's about the confidence to innovate and the experience to deliver the next wave of critical digital transformation solutions.

Move into the next period of modernization and discover the benefits for Research & Education provided by Sparkle as Google Cloud integrator in the context of OCRE Cloud Framework.

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