OCRE Podcast Series - Episode 1

17 June 2021

OCRE Podcast Series is born to show our passion for cloud technologies, discover major cloud trends and guide people into a journey of innovation. In each episode, we dive deep into the details of the Project and meet different actors of the OCRE Cloud Framework.

Episode 1 - Introduction to the OCRE Cloud Framework

Listen "OCRE Project - Interview with Paola Crobu" on Spreaker.

We have Paola Crobu with us, Product Manager Multicloud Solutions at Sparkle, sharing her views on Cloud computing and the benefits for the Research and Education Community. We will discover more about our journey along the Institutions and how to support their move to the cloud.

Since 2016, we have been working besides GÉANT, the leading organization of a consortium promoting OCRE Framework, created to sustain the Research and Education Communities towards the adoption of cloud services.

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