OCRE Podcast Series - Episode 2

1 October 2021

Cloud benefits for R&E: a talk with David Heyns and Paolo Perulli

Ascolta "OCRE Project - Cloud benefits for R&E: a talk with David Heyns, GÉANT and Paolo Perulli, Sparkle" su Spreaker.

This is episode 2, and we have with us David Heyns, GÉANT Member and OCRE Project Director, and Paolo Perulli, Sales Manager Enterprise and European Institutions at Sparkle. A fresh deep talk on the evolution of the Cloud IaaS Framework into the present OCRE Framework to understand how cloud solutions could improve the digitalization process for R&E Community and how Sparkle could act as a Partner, Provider, and Integrator in easing this process. Discover more about Sparkle's business capabilities and the GÉANT ecosystem and how the Framework can be practically activated at ocre.cloud.tisparkle.com

OCRE Podcast Series is born to show our passion for cloud technologies, discover major cloud trends and guide people into a journey of innovation. In each episode, we dive deep into the details of the Project and meet different actors of OCRE Cloud Framework.

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